About Chad

I have always been one that likes to take things apart to find out how they work inside. As a child I got the nickname "Dr. Destructo" because the stereo's, vcr's, alarm clocks, and televisions were constantly being taken apart. I was almost always able to fix these items to the surprise of my parents ha ha but sometimes putting these electronics back together was more challenging than expected! I also loved (and still enjoy) the show MacGyver. I can relate to his ability to find a way to make things work even if I didn't have exactly what was needed. Over the years my passion for design led me to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Design from University of Colorado's Boulder campus. This was basically their architecture program. Beyond that I took some graphic and web design courses from the Art Institute before going to work in the Prepress department at a large scale printer. A little over 7 years ago now, I picked up my first quadcopter and I have been building, racing, flying free-style, and everything in between, ever since! I have experience working with others in the industry and have a passion for new and innovative products. My goal with Boulder MultiRotor is to provide a place of resource for pilots and those who haven't yet gotten into this exciting new sport! I strive to carry the latest, most reliable parts/products that exist, never selling knock-off's or clones and always here to help the customer understand how to use whatever item they need help with. I love spreading the joy of flight and seeing the reaction someone has when they finally get the feel for full-on FPV/ACRO flying! I want to share the joy of FPV with everyone who's interested and who loves excitement and a good healthy adrenaline rush! Fly FPV! If you don't, you are missing out! Chad Little - owner/founder

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