Caddx Nebula Pro + Vista Kit HD digital FPV system

Finally a digital FPV camera that performs like the stock DJI camera, (unlike previous attempts w/Nebula Micro and Nano etc) but much smaller and easier to mount in more applications than ever before! The Nebula Pro gives you the best possible digital FPV feed possible when paired with the included Caddx Vista Air Unit (or the DJI Air Unit.)

*This Combo includes 1x Nebula Pro (black), and 1x Caddx Vista Air Unit + required ribbon cable



*Warning! Removal of parts like heat sinks and other parts that are permanenty attached will void the manufacturers warranty as well as your warranty with This mod saves a small amount of weight and might be worth trying but I personally haven’t done it yet. When I do, I will report back with any issues or important findings to help make this process as smooth as possible. Thanks!

– Chad Little – Owner of Boulder MultiRotor LLC /