HQ Durable Prop 5X5X3V1S (2CW+2CCW)-Polycarbonate

The V1S Durable Prop is my favorite prop to use period! It set a new standard for Polycarbonate durable props! It’s affordable, performs well, and it makes your quadcopter fly like a dream! HQ designers have collaborated with both the frame manufacturers and notable pilots to develop a vast range of higher performing, more efficient, and more durable props for FPV racing.


  • Propeller Diameter: 5 inch
    Pitch : 5
    Blades : 3
    Material : Polycarbonate
    Weight :4.48g
    Hub Diameter : 13mm
    Hub Thickness:7mm
    Shaft :5mm
    Adaptor Rings : NO


  • 2x 5x5x3 CW V1S propellers
  • 2x 5x5x3 CCW V1S propellers