Jumper T16 Cover – Hydro Dipped with carbon fiber pattern. Customize and enhance the new go-to radio with this high-quality, carbon fiber front plate to really out-do all those pilots who still fly the old Taranis X9D Plus Special Edition! Make your Jumper T16 Pro stand out! I’ve attached a great install video below for your convenience:

These are some great videos if you need to know how to disassemble/upgrade your Jumper T16 Pro! Boulder MultiRotor LLC is not affiliated with either of these guys and I don’t personally know them but I watched both videos before I installed my carbon fiber cover so I know they will help! Thank these two guys for making these great demo’s!

This next one is in French but the video is clear and shows all the steps to “Pimp nicely! Enjoy and thank these guys by subscribing to their channels!


Weight: 44.76g