Zypher V3 5.5″ Prop design with 4mm carbon Get them while they last! Official 4mm 5″ prop vesion beinbg manufactured right now. They should be available in a few weeks time.

This is hand’s down the fastest, lightest, most durable race frame on the market! Tim “Sky” created the design and perfected it! It’s literally two pieces of identical carbon, 8 screws, and 4 standoffs! If you want to win a race, this is your frame! Available exclusively at Boulder MultiRotor! Get yours now and start winning races!

225mm Semi-Stretch Design

2-Identical Thick 4mm Carbon Plates for easy assembly and replacement

Fully supports RunCam Mini and Micro with the included mount (As well as the new RunCam Split 2 which you can find here:

Provides great camera protection in case of head-on crashes

NEW! Standard 30.5mm x 30.5mm flight controller mounting pattern as well as NEW 20mmx20mm M2 holes for lightweight builds! NEW!

This version fits up to 5.5inch props for maximum air push!