Jumper R1+ 16Ch D16 Micro Receiver

Jumper R1 Plus Receiver

This is an awesome receiver if you are running 2.4GHz especially if you are using a Multi-Protocol or standard Frsky radio with D16 Protocol. Comes with a standard smart port for telemetry.
The Jumper R1+  D16 receiver is compatible with all devices using the Frsky D16 mode, with integrated redundancy, telemetry and smart port enable, and the IPEX connector makes it easier to replace the antenna.


Ideal for mini drones or models requiring an S.bus or S.port connection.

R1+ Specifications:

  • Channels: 16ch (SBUS)
  • RSSI (Signal Strength Indication) output: 0-3.3v
  • Data return: S.port
  • Operating voltage range: 4.0~6V
  • Operating current range: 80mA@5V
  • Effective distance: full distance (>1.5km)
  • Size: 20*15*4mm (without antenna)
  • Weight: <2g
  • Compatibility: D16 mode FrSky Taranis D16 Mode
Binding method:
Press and hold the receiver’s bind button, turn on the power, the receiver will now enter binding mode. The red light is always on and the green light is flashing slowly.
Turn on the remote control and begin the bind procedure according to your radio. After the bind is successful the red light is off and the green light is always on.
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Jumper R1+ R1 Plus