Upgrade your TBS Tango 2 (regular version) to the “Pro” version by easily installing two of these! If you want the convenience and protection that comes with folding stick-ends, then this upgrade is for you! They can also be used to replace a broken or damaged gimbal in your TBS Tango 2 Pro. Part of the beauty of the design of the new TBS Tango 2 Pro is that you can literally just toss it in your bag since none of the switches stick out, so I really think these folding gimbals are the way to go!

The TBS Tango 2 foldable gimbal stick. Made to watch-maker tolerances. A spring-loaded folding mechanism allows you to stow away your gimbals during transportation. Threaded so you can remove, clean and re-install them without any hassle.

The gimbals come pre-assembled and can be used both as “throttle” or “pitch” configuration, with ratcheted or smooth throttle functionality. The pitch axis throw can also be reduced by up to 10 degrees using the included screws.

Note: You MUST immediately run gimbal calibration in OpenTX after you have installed the gimbals in your remote!